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    Aug 25, 2014

    8 Totally Baseball Handshakes

    Maybe it has nothing to do with the game itself, but baseball would be even more boring without the handshakes and no one wants that, so here's a few of the coolest handshakes from around the diamond.

    Miguel Cabrera & Cecil Fielder Blow It Up On the Field


    Miggy and Cecil make it look easy.

    Brett Lawrie Brings the Selfie Game to the Dugout


    Two slaps and a selfie: that's a streamlined handshake.

    Dodgers Catcher Rod Barajas Rocks Teammate to Sleep

    The Big Lead / Via

    There is a benefit to being the smallest guy on the team like Dee Gordon: awesomely elaborate dugout handshakes, duh.

    Pablo Sandoval & Hunter Pence Break It Down


    Shake it out, dance it off.

    Miggy Blasts the Finger Guns


    Miguel Cabrera is a dugout handshake master.

    Entire Marlins Dugout Getting In On the Handshake Action


    Gotta love getting the whole team in on the action.

    Epic Handshake Battle We All Win


    He went Super Saiyan, he deserves the win.

    Vanderbilt Baseball Team Changes the Handshake Game Forever

    View this video on YouTube

    Definitely the wildest handshake I've ever seen. Definitely. The. Wildest.

    BONUS #1: Lebron & Towel Boy Finish Handshake By Moving It Like "Bernie"

    Redditor @BoshGet2dachoppa_plz / Via

    BONUS #2: President Obama Switching Up The Grip With Team USA / Via

    Barry O's smooth as always.

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