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    11 Facts That Reveal The Insanity Of The Global War On Drugs

    For more then a century, the world’s major global powers have been trying to kill off the drug trade. It hasn’t gone well. But it’s been an interesting trip full of ingenuity, hypocrisy, high stakes and dashed hopes.

    1. Queen Victoria was a drug pusher on a colossal scale.

    2. 15 years ago the UN promised to rid the world of all drugs within 10 years.

    3. Drug money kept the global economy afloat during the financial crisis.

    4. A massive seizure of tree bark oil in Cambodia gave birth to the modern legal high market.

    5. Afghanistan’s opium crop has tripled despite a decade of British military-led efforts to stem cultivation.

    6. There is a 16,600% mark-up on a kilo of heroin from Afghanistan farms to UK streets.

    7. One per cent of heroin smuggled into the UK is seized by border police.

    8. Smell is the new secret weapon in drugs detection.

    9. 20 cannabis farms are found by police every day in Britain.

    10. Where there’s a pill, there’s a way.

    11. Half of all prisoners in US federal jails are inside for drug offences.