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Michael Dwyer Facebook

Irish alleged Assassin used Facebook to talk about his 'hobby' of shooting. He and his Facebook friend were shot dead in a downtown Bolivian, Santa Cruz hotel on Thursday 16th April. See Michael Dwyer's Facebook here!

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Facebook ‘Gun For Hire’ Michael Dwyer, alleged Bolivian Presidential Assassin used his Facebook and Bebo profile to talk about his ‘habit’ of shooting, and dressing up in Military Fatigues.

Dwyer, who is accused by the Bolivian Government and Police of being involved in an assassination attempt of Evo Morales, was shot dead in a shoot out at a downtown Bolivian Hotel, where his Facebook friend, Eduardo Rozsa Flores (49) was also killed.

Flores was Bolivian/Hungarian and was Commander of a Balkan Brigade in 1991 during the war there.

Dwyer, 24, was a graduate of Galway Institute of Technology. His favourite television show according to his FaceBook profile was The Unit, an American drama based on a top-secret counter-terrorism military unit.

Recently he had uploaded hundreds of photographs entitled “hols” showing him and unidentified friends socialising in high spirits in what is believed to be Bolivia. There are also several albums of pictures taken in Ireland.

Interpol are believed to be interested in helping to solve the mystery as to why an Irish man who has worked as a night club security, or bouncer, might have been involved in a Presidential Assassination attempt.

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