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    39 Signs That You Suffer From Millennial Boredom, Aka Millennui

    Millennials are burnt out, in debt, and the dreams our parents promised us are dead. But worst of all: we’re just bored.

    First, some definitions:

    Millennial: a person reaching young adulthood in the early 21st century.

    Ennui: a feeling of listlessness and dissatisfaction arising from a lack of occupation or excitement.


    You may suffer from this affliction if:

    1. You posted on Instagram to show off that you refolded a drawer of your shirts.

    Marie Kondo: *folds a shirt* Everyone:

    Via Twitter: @songoflovejulia

    As a Virgo I'm like been there, done that.

    2. You rang in the new year 2019 by reposting a photo of yourself in 2009.

    NBC / Via

    No new content.

    3. Netflix added 1000 hours of original content this month and you watched The Office (from 2005) instead.

    Having Netflix is basically me paying a monthly subscription to own The Office DVDs.

    Via Twitter: @jtrain56

    Are we out of serial killers to document?

    4. You made a petty Venmo request.

    When the bill is $20...but you petty AF #SiblingRivalryPodcast @thatonequeen

    Via Twitter: @monetxchange

    5. You ghosted a Hinge date because they greentexted you.

    Max Brawer

    6. You bought ClassPass, not really to get fit but just to have a reason to get out of bed in the mornings.

    NBC / Via

    7. Your favorite new song is Toto’s “Africa” (1984) or some YouTube cover of it.

    NBC / Via Giphy

    ~ Frightened of this thing that I've become ~

    8. You bought a plant just to have something to care for.

    E! / Via Giphy

    9. You repeatedly tagged a brand on Twitter praying that they’d engage you in conversation.

    @SorraTsuna Are you a movie? Because I'd love to spend an average of 130 minutes focused entirely on you.

    Via Twitter: @Wendys

    We don't deserve @Wendy's

    10. Your new year’s resolution is “Go to Tulum like everyone else did in 2018”.

    Fox / Via

    Via Schitt's Creek: "If you're not going to Tulum, like, where the hell are you even going?"

    11. LinkedIn is your new Facebook.

    LinkedIn / Via

    12. You paid $6 dollars for a canned seltzer because it had components of marijuana in it.

    Domino / Via

    13. You formed a strong opinion about canned seltzer.


    14. You had a fight about the best canned seltzer.


    It's Polar though.

    15. You decided against raising a pet, but did follow a dog account(s) on social media.

    16. You bought wine in bulk to be "ready for anything".

    TBS / Via

    17. You traveled and called a non-specific location your "office for the day".

    18. You covered the whole brunch check to make your Chase Sapphire card worthwhile.

    ABC / Via Giphy

    19. You risked your life to do the “Bird Box” Challenge.

    Netflix / Via

    20. You watched Bird Box just to tell your coworkers “Yeah I liked it.”

    NBC / Via

    I just needed a reason to have friends over.

    21. You spent October trying to figure out health insurance. It’s okay, you’ll get 'em next year.

    Last year I was bartending, and I bought my first couch two weeks ago - shortly after I got health insurance 😬 So don’t worry, growth doesn’t happen in a straight line! We’re all closer than we believe.

    Via Twitter: @AOC

    Can AOC explain my HSA?

    22. You stay physically active just to compete with some other friend who also has an Apple Watch.

    NBC / Via Giphy

    23. You quit smoking and drinking (but started doing hallucinogens).

    Vh1 / Via Giphy

    So straightedge.

    24. You ‘keep up with friends’ by tagging them in the comments of Spongebob memes and online giveaways.

    Nickelodeon / NBC / Via

    @C has to buy you a can of seltzer.

    25. You put a “Slow to Respond” auto-reply on your personal email because you literally can’t even. / Via

    So swamped rn.

    26. You have no religion anymore, but you do read horoscopes daily.

    Me: lol horoscopes and spirituality are the biggest load of shit Also me: the supermoon is making me depressed

    Via Twitter

    Something something retrograde?

    27. You deleted the Facebook app for “ethical” reasons but open their other product, Instagram, every 45 seconds.

    NBC / Via Giphy

    28. You set a world record by liking an egg on Instagram.

    Via Instagram


    29. You felt the urge to “go live” on Instagram.

    NBC / Via

    30. You have too many group chats and too much FOMO to leave any of them.

    Fox Searchlight Pictures / Via Giphy

    I switched back to iPhone for this?

    31. You started saying your hobbies include "doing a face mask."

    Lions Gate Films / Via Giphy

    32. You paid $45 an hour to stationary bike among other people.

    Netflix / Via Giphy

    33. You got an adult coloring book for peace of mind.

    Lacy Mucklow / Via


    34. You "did a thing".

    Outdoor Voices / Via

    Because how can you insta story if you don't do a thing?

    35. You wanted to spend less time on your phone so you downloaded the app Headspace.


    36. You drank a bunch of coffee instead of paying for lunch and called it “intermittent Fasting”.

    Touchstone Pictures / Via Giphy

    37. You made a profane needlepoint or cross stitch.

    Emily Hodes

    38. You’ve been going out to the park more because you wanted a photo of a particularly 🔥 duck.

    BuzzFeed / Via BuzzFeed


    39. And finally, you gained a better understanding of your true self only after taking this BuzzFeed quiz.

    Gabe Bergado / Via


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