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33 Signs You've Ascended To The Highest Level Of Chipotle

An obsession that transcends extra costs for guac.

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1. You're that person who shows up at various non-restaurant locations with a bag of Chipotle, thus making everyone hate you.

2. You honor the first rule of Chipotle: don’t even mention the place after 10 - it’s closed.* That's cruel.

*11pm exceptions do exist. If you know one, cherish it. / Via

*11pm exceptions do exist. If you know one, cherish it.

3. You have taken a first date - and a second date - well, most dates - to Chipotle.

Kim and Reggie get it.

Kim and Reggie get it.

4. You know everything on the Chipotle soundtrack and it haunts your dreams.

View this video on YouTube

5. You aren't afraid to ask politely when you'd like some more meat.

6. A friend tells you they don’t wanna go because they “just had Chipotle yesterday” and suddenly they aren’t your friend anymore. / Via Tumblr

7. Your idea of “missionary position” is explaining to the unwashed masses that there is no affiliation with McDonalds.

Not anymore, that is. McD's divested in 2006 and made Chipotle a free man.

8. Hearing someone say “Chi-pol-tay” is akin to being called an ethnic slur.

9. When things aren't too busy, you love to sneak in a heart-to-heart with the manager by the cash register.

10. ...and that friendship has led you to something better than any christmas gift - a free lunch.

11. You are thrilled to recognize when the seasoned "A-team" of line workers come out to take care of business.

Spongebob / Nickelodeon / Via

12. 2 for 1 deals doesn't mean “I'm bringing a friend’, it means "watch me eat two burritos”.

13. You can readily cite the amount of burritos you eat in a month (and a moving average).

How's that for burrito data, Nate Silver?

How's that for burrito data, Nate Silver?

14. You are a proud shareholder of CMG.

mmm, dat financials / Via Thomson Reuters

mmm, dat financials

15. It's getting in the way of your close relationships.

Max Brawer / Via

16. You spend your 21st birthday downing margaritas at a Chipotle.

Something your friends didn't know to be possible.

17. You’re excited to travel to different cities where Chipotle costs less than back home (I’m sure your rent is high in NY but not $8.50-a-burrito high, come on).

18. You remember a time when a Burrito bowl was, for some reason, called a “Burrito Bol”. / Via X-Files

Go Googling, it's true.

19. You know how to pull the "One Taco" trick when you're not all that hungry.

In the interest of secrecy, that's as much as we're gonna say about that.

20. You’ve applied for work at Chipotle and the most difficult part was not sounding like a stalker.

21. There is no rewards card to earn and you can’t f**#�^&@* handle it.

Via Frijoles, Tokyo

22. You know the subtle differences in taste and seasoning throughout the regions of the USA

Author's note: not verified...yet

Author's note: not verified

23. You have been to the alternate universe that is the Chipotle prototype store, NY. / Via NBC/Community

It looks like a Chipotle, but everything is different.

24. You are these parents.

25. You put the vinaigrette salad dressing on every dish because it's free and because YOLO that's why. / Via Nick

26. You know that Chipotle is BYOB, you have BYO’d, and bonus points for pairing the proper wines with the right burrito meat.

Learn yourself at / Via

Learn yourself at

27. You road tripped to DC or LA just to be first in line at their expansion, ShopHouse. Twice.

28. And you have flown in to Dulles just to try a breakfast burrito.

Sadly, they won't stick.

29. You respect the sanctity of the water cup and shun those who defile it with free soda.

30. You’ve done Boorito, Adventurrito, Farm Team...and are patiently awaiting your next big challenge.

31. "Hey guacamole is extra" --

32. You're DJ Carnage, which means things like this happen to you:

View this video on YouTube

See above.

33. You’ve read (or written) the word Chipotle a few times and suddenly, as if part of some behavioral experiment, you have a bloodthirst for a burrito.

Author’s note: if it is after 10pm wherever you are then I am truly, deeply sorry

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