19 Reasons Your Garage Is The Coolest Room In Your House

And you thought it was just for parking cars in.

1. You can sleep on top of it

2. You can pretend you are Batman, and it is your Batcave

What I would do if this were my garage.

3. It can be a cool shape

Like this one

Or this one. What, squares are cool!

5. It can be twice as easy to find as your front door when you come home drunk

6. Or three times…

7. or four times

Yep, I’ll take the doors on the left.

8. It can be Japanese

Who said paper walls aren’t sturdy?

9. It can be way bigger than it looks

From the inside:

And the back door:

15. It can be in a sneaky location

Like this one, located in a wall under a pool

16. It can make heavy things float


17. It can look all futuristic

18. You can put one anywhere

I think we need more garage space…

19. Your dogs can hang out in front of it

20. And you can use it to show your neighbors how much cooler than them you are

Now all you need is a Porsche!

P.S. you can click any one of the photos for a full tour of the house!

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