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    • maus29

      Of course there’s no analogy! Placing a sign that says ‘God Hates Fangs’ is absolutely not intended to make us link vampire haters to the Westboro Baptist Church! Having Southern-accented preachers expound on the sins of the ‘undead lifestyle’ (season 2) is totally not in any way linking anti-vamprism to Southern evangelism. Bill Compton saying flat out in Season 4 that vampire rights are civil rights does not mean that the show is an allegory for the Civil Rights movement. You know why? ALAN BALL SAID SO.

    • maus29

      “Stop taking a show too seriously” is the laziest argument on the internet. Sorry, but pop culture has a bigger influence on our ideas than ‘serious’ media like books and news outlets — you may not like it, but that’s reality. That’s why we’re on buzzfeed. Television has an enormous bearing on the national dialogue, precisely because we are told not to take it ‘seriously,’ which allows for the ideas it propagates to easily filter into our subconscious. And the author didn’t ‘make’ the show about civil rights. True Blood made itself about social justice by pursing this storyline. The writer is more than justified in calling out the weakness of the show’s allegory.

    • maus29

      To all saying standards have slipped/making fun/whatever: People nominate their friends. And this being DC, yes, there are douchebags on the list. But there are also some genuinely lovely folks, people who may not be conventionally hot but make the lives of everyone around them better. Some of those people made this list, and now some of them are subject to the internet’s scorn. And yeah, that’s the internet, and what do you expect. But you should know who you’re shitting on before you drop your pants.

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