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You Probably Never Went To "The Night Heron" Nightclub

And you probably weren't invited. (Pocket watches only)

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For 8 weeks spanning March - May, "The Night Heron" was the hottest underground nightclub on the planet.

It wasn't exactly a 40,000 square foot NYC nightclub. As a matter of fact, it was really tiny.

It was actually a water tower.

Limited space might be an understatement.

Judging by the clientele, your first guess at the location might have been Brooklyn.

But club founder N.D. Austin chose Chelsea.

The only way you could be invited into the club was if you were presented a pocket watch from a previous guest. These watches were purchased at the end of the evening by the lucky few who attended.

There was booze.

There was music.

The whole thing was actually pretty illegal.

And probably pretty unsafe.

But it was cool.


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