Why Christmas In Your Mid 20’s Stinks

You’re not a kid, but you don’t yet have a family of your own. It’s almost as if you are forgotten. Plus you have to do adult stuff.

1. When you were in school, every day leading up to Christmas break was full of excitement and joy.

2. But you’re an adult now. You have an adult job. These are now your days leading up to Christmas “break”.

3. People in their 30’s are starting families and spending time with their kids on Christmas.

4. But in your mid 20’s! You’re holding on to that last bit of youth and heading off to Santacon!

5. Again, you don’t have children.

6. But of course your older siblings do!

7. And now they get all the cool presents.

8. And you’re stuck with things like clothes and gift cards.

9. All of this is depressing, which leads to you ending up like this on December 26th.

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