15 Things Chris Brown Can Do To Make Us All Hate Him Even More

He’s done a great job so far, but I think there is potential for growth.

1. 1. Make George Lopez Relevant Again

2. 2. Insult Beyoncé

We dare you to try this one.

3. 3. Come Out In Defense Of Ray Lewis

4. 4. Somehow Be A Part Of The 20/20 Experience

5. 5. Show Up At A Todd Akin Rally

6. 6. Try To Convince Us Buckwild Is Staged

7. 7. Drop An Ice Cream Cone

8. 8. Date Taylor Swift

This one didn’t happen yet, did it?

10. 10. Hang Out With Tiger Woods

11. 11. Attempt Another Apology

12. 12. Denigrate Jon Hamm In ANY Way

13. 13. Stop The Boy Meets World Reunion

14. 14. Announce The Orange Starburst Is His Favorite


15. 15. Heckle A Newtown Parent

The worst.

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