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    Posted on 3 Nov 2015

    Kate Winslet Is Goddamn Majestic In "The Dressmaker"


    The Dressmaker opened in cinemas across Australia last week and it is fucking phenomenal thanks to its leading lady: Kate Winslet.

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    More like Kate Slaysit because not only can she NAIL AN AUSSIE ACCENT but she is a force to be reckoned with!

    Based on the novel by the same name, The Dressmaker follows Myrtle "Tilly" Dunnage as she returns to her home town of Dungatar.

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    Forced out of her home when she was 10 and accused of a murder she doesn't remember committing, Tilly returns to take care of her aged mother and to find the truth about her past.

    Mainly, Kate spends a lot of the film not giving a single fuck.

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    "Any fucks over there? Nahhhh."

    Tilly, now a professional seamstress, brings haute couture to the bush, while trying to win the locals back through tailor-made outfits for any occasion.

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    Plus her chemistry between her onscreen mum, Judy Davis, is WONDERFUL.

    The A+++ cast doesn't stop there. Winslet and Davis are joined by the likes of Hugo Weaving, Sarah Snook, Sacha Horler, Shane Jacobson, and Barry Otto.

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    Did we mention Liam Hemsworth is in it?

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    Before The Dressmaker you'll be like, "oh I don't have a favourite Hemsworth." After The Dressmaker you'll be like, "CHRIS HEMSWORTH WHO???"

    Honestly, what a dreamboat.

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    Hemsworth plays Teddy McSwiney, love interest and all-around hot potato.

    Lucky Tilly's a professional seamstress because Teddy is hems-worth it.

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    Don't get us wrong, The Dressmaker isn't your standard film.

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    Full of twists, the film harks back to Aussie classics like Muriel's Wedding, subverting narrative structures and packing not one or two, but SEVERAL emotional punches.

    Seriously don't miss this one.

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    Now showing in Aussie cinemas, The Dressmaker is iconic as fuuuuck.


    Shane Jacobson co-stars in The Dressmaker. An earlier version of this post misnamed him because the author was too busy being slain by how fab Kate Winslet is to concentrate.

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