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21 Times Australia Had No Fucks To Give During This Election

Even a Pussy Magnet needs to vote.

1. While it was voting day, it was sausage sizzles that were the real stars!

wtf is this and why is it number 1 in australia

2. Also everyone freaked out when Bill Shorten ate his roll from the middle.

Although he probably had the right idea tbh.

Here's why Bill Shorten ate the sausage from the middle

3. Kylo Ren showed up to vote.


4. While this guy brought a friend to help him.

Courtesy of David baker, voting in Hughes today. Looks more like Grayndler behaviour to me

5. This guy put on his best rainbow budgie smugglers.

6. And there was also this guy.

7. These kids were selling politician-themed baked goods, including "Malcolm Turnballs".

It's Malcolm Turnballs v Bill Shortbread v Richard Di Nutella at the @CamdenvillePS cake stall #ausvotes

"Ballsacks $3."

8. Seriously though, pun-based bake sales were on another level this year.

9. Especially when this delicious ~Plebisclice~ was on the menu.

PLEBISCLICE πŸ‘ŒπŸ»πŸ‘ŒπŸ»πŸ‘ŒπŸ» Hastings Public School in Port Macquarie by @VallentineAmy #ausvotes

10. A volunteer was allegedly bitten by an enthusiastic voter.

Greens volunteer allegedly bitten by Liberal in fight for Higgins #ausvotes

"Police say the woman suffered 'soreness to her thumb' following the incident."

11. This politician did a little dance to Taylor Swift.

. @AlboMP just turned up and is now DJing and dancing to Taylor Swift #ausvotes

I guess if Labor doesn't win, DJ Albo will just shake it off.

12. People actually voted for Harambe, the gorilla who died.

13. Some people voted Lee Lin Chin for PM.

Is this what you wanted me to do @Jan__Fran? Do hope @LeeLinChinSBS gets more votes than Harambe #ausvotes ...

14. While others just used their ballot to order a kebab.

Someone ordered a kebab on their senate voting paper today. (Photo @facebook)

15. Observant voters also noticed that the Pirate Party Australia was in group arrrrr.

Reddit: / Via

16. Basically, Aussies were taking the vote VERY SERIOUSLY.

17. But TBH can you blame us when this is the size of the bloody ballot paper?

This is an Australian ballot paper. 6" Australian for scale. #ausvotes

You gotta entertain yourself somehow.

18. James Mathison, who used to host Australian Idol, is RUNNING in this election, so obviously his co-hosting pal and current host of The Bachelor showed up to help.

19. This lady got her photo taken voting BEFORE TYING THE KNOT!

20. As the polls closed, Channel Nine found it "too close to call!"

JUST IN: Exclusive Nine-Galaxy exit poll has found the election result is on a knife-edge. #AusVotes #9News

0 seats to everyone!!! Too close!!!!

21. But voting wasn't the ONLY breaking news of the day.

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