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11 Foolproof Ways To Confuse Millennials

"Destroy the housing market, replace grad jobs with unpaid internships, tell them to buy a house."

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Earlier, the hashtag #HowToConfuseAMillennial began cropping up on Twitter.

#HowToConfuseAMillennial ask them to make a call on this

And many people were eager to point out just how easily confused millennials can be!

#HowToConfuseAMillennial Hand them a job application form

Like maps! Confusing! No millennial has ever heard of maps. I always thought maps was just a thing Google invented to get me to the closest phone charger.

#HowToConfuseAMillennial Show them what an antique GPS looks like

Or conversation! Yuck! I only respond to people that IM me on AOL!!!

#HowToConfuseAMillennial Talk to them.

Everyone was just wistful for the good ol' days again.

Explain how we used to be social, before media #HowToConfuseAMillennial

That is until self-identifying millennials caught on to the hashtag.

Ruin the economy, cripple them with debt, push them into a poor job market, claim how much harder you had it. #HowToConfuseAMillennial

And the clapbacks came thick and fast.

#HowToConfuseAMillennial Destroy the housing market Replace grad jobs with unpaid internships Tell them to buy a house

People weren't having it.

#HowToConfuseAMillennial Crash their economy and then condescendingly ask why so many of them are living with their parents.

And it was pretty glorious.

#HowToConfuseAMillennial Feign ignorance at your generation's role in climate change & income inequality then act like they're the idiots.

Especially when you consider how many times you've had to try to explain technology to your older relatives.

Baby boomers will tweet #HowToConfuseAMillennial then call us to fix their internet problems 30s later

I guess the most confusing thing to millennials is that old people thought this hashtag would be a good idea in the first place.

#HowToConfuseAMillennial start a hashtag slamming millenials on a platform controlled by millenials; get offended when millenials fight back