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    Deadpool And Wolverine Can't Stop Trolling Each Other

    Deadpool vs Wolverine, the greatest battle.

    Sadly for us, Hugh Jackman is hanging up his claws with the recently released Logan marking his final outing as Wolverine.

    Thanks for an amazing visit Beijing! @WolverineMovie @20thcenturyfox

    Here's Hugh on his Cher Farewell Worldwide Tour in Beijing. He looks like an action figure but IRL.

    While we're sure Hugh was having a great time, his ol' pal Deadpool is still trolling the shit out of him.

    Luckily both of these boys have a brilliant sense of humour.

    Really...Guy ... Really?!@VancityReynolds

    But this isn't a one-time thing. Ryan has been trolling Hugh for AGES.

    Awesome local artist murals popping up all over Australia! @20thcenturyfox @Logan AUSSIE AUSSIE AUSSIE

    There was that time Ryan crashed the Eddie the Eagle junket and interviewed Hugh.

    Or the time "Hugh" made an unconventional cameo in Deadpool.

    Which prompted him to respond accordingly.

    Hell, even the Deadpool 2 teaser that launched recently had a few nods to Logan.

    May this adorkable faux-feud never end.