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Posted on 3 Mar 2016

19 Photos Straight Men Will Never Understand

"You're a gay guy, you must know a lot about clothes!" Lmao k.

1. When someone tells you they're "not really into the scene" but also have a Blackout tattoo.

2. Or this truth about nature vs. nurture.

3. When you're trying to figure out if you're ~compatible~.

4. When someone says something so stupid you can't even be mad they're a low-key homophobe.

5. When a straight dude says something like, "I don't mind gay guys as long as they don't try to hit on me!"


Girl sit your ugly ass down, I'm gay, not entirely without standards. You should be so lucky.

6. When you basically get a callus from biting your tongue.

7. When he was wondering if after all these years you'd like some meat.

Instagram: @raisinb0y / Via XL / Columbia

" blow over... everything..."

8. When someone asks your fashion opinion because "gay men are all experts".

Cartoon Network

You look fine? Or bad? Idk, my mum still buys most of my shirts.

9. When you're running late for dinner plans.

10. When you have conflicting diets.

11. Because you've literally got a fab AF ass.

12. When you get carried away sexting and have to pay the price.

Instagram: @best_of_grindr / Via Nickelodeon

13. Or when you just get carried away full stop.

14. When you're honest about your relationship goals.

15. When you just need to express yourself online.

16. When a headless torso messages "saw u today".

17. When you forget your breathing techniques.

18. When you're trying to casually work out.

19. And when it's been a while and you need to stop by your fave store.

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