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23 Dogs At Weddings That'll Make You Believe In Love

I do(g).

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1. This beautiful flower girl who doesn't mean to upstage anyone.

Instagram: @princesse_bali

2. This groomsman who practiced his blue steel all morning.

Instagram: @zestkauai

3. This puppy who has been upgraded to Best Man's Best Friend status.

Instagram: @bryanmillerphoto

4. This beautiful pup who couldn't be happier for the lucky couple.

Instagram: @shootweddings

5. And this pint-sized puppy who almost looks happier than any bride.

Instagram: @simbatheliondog

6. This gorgeous bridesmaid who gets a day to dress up AND gets a day at the beach.

Instagram: @samijophotography

7. This stunning beauty who has that red carpet pose perfected.

Instagram: @riley_mclovin

8. And this ball of fluff who is on cloud nine.

Instagram: @melanie

9. This adorable wedding accessory that goes with ANY outfit.

Instagram: @samm_paperangelphoto

10. This dapper pup waiting for his own wedding feast.

Instagram: @moxthevizsla

11. This family portrait that's all smiles.

Instagram: @forrestharwell

12. This trustworthy guard dog just getting a bit of shut-eye before the big day.

Instagram: @michaelbriggsphotography

13. This bundle of fluff who doesn't mind taking the spotlight.

Instagram: @apracticalwedding

14. And this puppy who always wanted to be a flower girl.

Instagram: @jackieross0606

15. This gorgeous ring bearer who couldn't be happier to be there.

Instagram: @chels_boydstonphoto

16. This tiny little groomsman who is the most handsome little groomsman who has ever existed.

Instagram: @bg_productions

17. This ring bearer who might be a tiny lion.

Instagram: @chowmarlow

18. And this beautiful pup who just wants to be included.

Instagram: @erika

19. This stunning pair of wedding pups, one for the bride's side and one for the groom's.

Instagram: @westcoastlife

20. This whole PARTY of puppies who are ready for a Mehndi ceremony.

Instagram: @weddingsutra

21. This little fluffball who is completely ~wrapped~ with her wedding day look.

Instagram: @chudleigh_weddings

22. This tiny wedding guest who can't wait to hear your bow vows.

Instagram: @bellethemagazine

23. And this sleepy pup who is all worn out from the best day ever.

Instagram: @itsmebuddythedog

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