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    Someone Just Ran The “American Ninja Warrior” Course In A T. Rex Suit And It’s Iconic

    More like Jurassic Parkour.

    If you needed more proof that people in those inflatable T-Rex costumes are the purest form of entertainment, look no further than the hero who ran the American Ninja Warrior course in one.

    Facebook: video.php

    He smashed through the Floating Steps...

    ...was king of the Big Dipper...

    ...and thrashed the Block Run.

    Unfortunately for our T-Rex hero, the Spin Cycle was the meteor to his hopes and dreams of victory.


    Facebook: anwnation

    They look like they all just remembered *that* scene from The Land Before Time.

    Oh Ninja Warrior T-Rex, may your legend never go extinct.

    Facebook: anwnation

    I also hope he stretched before his run, or else he'll have dino-sore arms.

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