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20 TV Shows To Binge-Watch With Under 20 Episodes

Need an excuse to cancel your weekend plans?

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1. Firefly


What it's about: Joss Whedon's cult-classic space Western Firefly ran for only one season, but boy what a season. Set in the year 2517, the show follows the crew of the ship Serenity as they struggle to survive any way they can while avoiding run-ins with the forces of The Alliance.

Number of episodes: 14.

Where to watch it: Netflix (AU, US, UK).

2. Wonderfalls


What it's about: Jaye works at a Niagara Falls gift shop, totally discontent with the direction of her life. All of a sudden, souvenirs start speaking to her and giving her cryptic advice. Initially resistant, Jaye begins to realise that these tiny animal figures may be the key to unlocking a happier life...or that she's going insane.

Number of episodes: 13.

Where to watch it: Full episodes are floating around on YouTube.


3. My So-Called Life


What it's about: Told from the point of view of 15-year-old Angela Chase, My So-Called Life is an iconic series that follows her journey through adolescence, and the trials and tribulations of growing up. Be warned: It ends on a cliffhanger, so if you're looking for a neat finish, you won't find it here!

Number of episodes: 19.

Where to watch it: iTunes (AU, UK) and Hulu (US).

4. Fawlty Towers


What it's about: Sure, it was first broadcast in the '70s but Fawlty Towers is timeless. A classic British comedy, it follows John Cleese's iconic character of Basil Fawlty, and the ridiculous scenarios he and his staff get themselves into at their hotel filled with eccentric guests.

Number of episodes: 12.

Where to watch it: Netflix (AU, UK), Stan (AU), and Amazon (US).

5. Fleabag

Amazon Video

What it's about: Phoebe Waller-Bridge stars as main protagonist Fleabag, a woman who is just trying to navigate modern life, love, sex, and grief. Unbelievably funny, raunchy, and with only six episodes it'll leave you wanting more.

Number of episodes: Six.

Where to watch it: BBC iPlayer (UK) and Amazon (US).

6. One Mississippi

Amazon Video

What it's about: Based on the events of comedian Tig Notaro's life, One Mississippi follows her as she returns home after the sudden death of her mother. The semi-autobiographical series showcases Tig's ability to seamlessly merge the comic and tragic, while exploring actual tragedies of her life.

Number of episodes: Six.

Where to watch it: Amazon (UK, US).

7. Master of None


What it's about: Starring Aziz Ansari as Dev, a 30-year-old actor struggling to find work, love, and direction in life, Master of None is ridiculously funny, which isn't really surprising considering Ansari is one of the best modern voices on TV.

Number of episodes: 10.

Where to watch it: Netflix (AU, UK, US).


8. Bunheads

ABC Family

What it's about: Michelle, a Las Vegas showgirl, agrees to an impulsive marriage proposal and moves to a sleepy town called Paradise. There, she must adjust to small-town living as well as her new mother-in-law, Fanny Flowers. The series was created by Amy Sherman-Palladino, who was also behind Gilmore Girls, so unsurprisingly Bunheads is jam-packed with quips.

Number of episodes: 18.

Where to watch it: iTunes (UK, US).

9. Jessica Jones


What it's about: Former superhero Jessica Jones has cut her super career short after a series of traumatic events, and attempts to rebuild her life by becoming a private investigator. But when she takes on a case that brings back a figure from her past, she'll have to be stronger than ever to survive.

Number of episodes: 13.

Where to watch it: Netflix (AU, UK, US).

10. Luke Cage


What it's about: Following on from Jessica Jones, Luke Cage is the latest of Marvel's superheroes to land on Netflix. Attempting to hide a mysterious past that gave him super strength and unbreakable skin, Cage becomes embroiled in a fight for Harlem.

Number of episodes: 13.

Where to watch it: Netflix (AU, UK, US).

11. 11.22.63


What it's about: An English teacher is given the chance to travel back to Texas in the '60s, where he is convinced he has the ability to stop the assassination of JFK.

Number of episodes: Eight.

Where to watch it: Stan (AU) and Hulu (US).

12. The Honourable Woman


What it's about: Maggie Gyllenhaal is EXCEPTIONAL in this political spy thriller as a woman who finds herself in international turmoil. After inheriting her father's company, Nessa Stein attempts to promote peace in the Middle East by connecting the West Bank with optical fibre cables.

Number of episodes: Eight.

Where to watch it: iTunes (AU) and Netflix (UK, US).


13. Wolf Creek


What it's about: Mick Taylor is still roaming the Outback after the events of the Wolf Creek movies. When he attacks a family of American tourists only 19-year-old Eve survives. Alone in Australia, Eve embarks on a deadly revenge mission.

Number of episodes: Six.

Where to watch it: Stan (AU), iTunes (UK, US), and Pop TV (US).

14. Catastrophe

Channel 4

What it's about: Rob and Sharon hook up while he visits London on a business trip. Lust leads to an instant pregnancy and the two have to navigate a very tricky situation. Rob Delaney and Sharon Horgan both write and star in the utterly hilarious series.

Number of episodes: 12.

Where to watch it: Amazon (US).

15. Stranger Things


What it's about: I don't know how you're on BuzzFeed without seeing Stranger Things, but you're missing out! Part Spielberg, part Stephen King, the series is a nostalgic adventure sci-fi romp with a brilliant cast and a phenomenal soundtrack, and with only eight episodes it's a perfect weekend watch.

Number of episodes: Eight.

Where to watch it: Netflix (AU, UK, US).

16. The Leftovers


What it's about: Imagine if in one moment 2% of the world's population, 140 million people, simply vanished into thin air without explanation. The Leftovers doesn't seek to answer what happened to the 2%, but rather looks at those left behind. With two seasons, and a third on the way, it's incredibly tense and full of mystery, and at times you get to see Justin Theroux's butt.

Number of episodes: 20.

Where to watch it: iTunes (AU, UK) and HBO Now (US).

17. Freaks and Geeks


What it's about: High school is never easy, especially if you're considered a freak or a geek. Freaks and Geeks perfectly captures the terrible essence of trying to fit in – with a realism that’s often missing from shows set in high schools – and features a young cast who went on to become some of your favourite stars. Both ridiculously funny and often moving, the only thing that'll disappoint you about Freaks and Geeks is how few episodes there are.

Number of episodes: 18.

Where to watch it: Netflix (AU, UK, US), Stan (AU), and Amazon (UK).

18. Better Call Saul


What it's about: Set six years before Saul's appearance in Breaking Bad, this spinoff sees Saul, aka Jimmy McGill, as a small-time attorney who becomes involved with the criminal world. With a third season in the works, these two seasons of 10 episodes each will be enough to quench your Breaking Bad cravings.

Number of episodes: 20.

Where to watch it: Stan (AU) and Netflix (UK, US).

19. Fargo


What it's about: Inspired by the Coen brothers film of the same name, Fargo is a black comedy–crime drama series following an anthology format. Each season is set in a different time, and with different characters and cast, but all of it fitting into a shared universe with the original film. The show has won numerous awards, and the casts are awesome. It'll have you saying "OK then" in no time.

Number of episodes: 20.

Where to watch it: Stan (AU), Netflix (UK), and Hulu (US).

20. Chef's Table


What it's about: For something a little different, Netflix offers Chef's Table, a documentary series that focuses on a different world-renowned chef in each episode. With 12 episodes in English and four in French, you'll be blown away by the craftsmanship and incredible artistry of these brilliant chefs.

Number of episodes: 16.

Where to watch it: Netflix (AU, UK, US).


My So-Called Life can be found on Hulu (US). An earlier version of this post incorrectly said it was on Netflix! Sorry. Now get back to binge-watching.


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