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45 Things That Would Be Totally Different If Pokémon Were Set In Australia

Gotta catch youse all.

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1. On his first day out of home, Ash would have to sign up for Centrelink.

2. Everyone would call Pikachu "Sparko".

3. And he'd be a Quokka.

4. No one would use Ash's actual name, he'd be "Snatcho".

5. Misty would be from Bondi.

6. Brock would be from Perth.

7. And Gary would definitely be from Adelaide.

8. The Pokédex would have two settings: Pokémon and "Nah mate that's just nature".

9. There'd be a Caterpie shortage due to spiders eating them all the time.

10. No one would be able to tell if a Wombat was a Pokémon or not.

11. The Great Barrier Reef would be the best fuckin' water gym of all time.

12. The Elite Four would be your mates Daveo, Stace, Chels and Daz.

13. Potion: VB.

14. Super Potion: XXXX.

15. Hyper Potion: Coopers Pale Ale.

16. Max Potion: One Fifty Lashes.

17. Full Restore: Goon.


18. The three starter types would be: water, grass, and fuck me, that shit's got fire coming out of it???

19. All 'Normal' type would be broken into "Deadly" and "Nah really, that wants to kill ya".

20. Butterfree would be a Bogan Moth.

21. Geodude would be Geomate.

22. Manly would serve world famous Magikarp and chips.

23. The narrator would be heaps laid back like "These 10-year-olds are wandering through the woods unaccompanied. That's sik as".

24. Beedrill would still be fucked as. That thing has drills for hands. That's fucked.

25. Still wouldn't be the most terrifying creature in Oz tho.

26. JigglyAzaleaPuff.

27. She'd be fancy, you already know, she'd be in the fast lane from Hoenn to Kanto.

28. You'd be banned from bringing Fight types into pubs.

29. Electric type would be a treasured commodity if your Wi-Fi went down.

30. You'd only be able to find Dragon types in Parliament House.

31. One of the rarest and most deadly Pokémon would be Dropbear.

32. Meowth would be ocker as, tellin' youse about how fuckin' stoked he was to be a fully talking cat tho ay!

33. Instead of a bicycle, Ash would have a motorised razor scooter.

34. When a Pokémon trainer turns 18 they must consume an entire goon bag to win their Trashbag Badge.

35. Even though they spend their time camping between towns; Brock, Misty and Ash would still complain about the price of rent in Sydney.

36. James would have a mullet and Jessie would always wear a Bintang singlet.

37. Team Rocket would protect the world from being fully devo.

38. Having fire Pokémon out during bushfire season would be illegal.

39. And Charizard would get you arrested for starting bushfires that destroyed the country.

40. Tentacruel's final evolution would be a Bluebottle.

41. And the only way to defeat a Bluebottle would be to wee on it.

42. Venusaur would evolve with a giant Wattle on its back.

43. Jimmy Barnes would sing the theme song.

44. And the Hilltop Hoods would do a mean cover of the Poké Rap.

45. But most of all: they'd be Pokémates.