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    This Artist’s “Muriel’s Wedding” Tributes Are Damn Iconic

    "Let her finish her Orgasm."

    James "Nordacious" Hillier has been making a point recently with his Muriel's Wedding-inspired art. / Via Supplied

    I mean, quite literally making a point. "Pointillism is creating an image from thousands of very fine dots," James told BuzzFeed. "Each piece can take up to 100 hours, it's a meticulous process but it also has quite a meditative quality to it." James said he likes the control, detail, and expression pointillism allows him.

    After he completes the illustrations, James then adds bursts of graphic colour digitally. / Via Supplied

    "I let the subject of the portrait steer the overall aesthetic," James said.

    Growing up about an hour away from where the fictional town of Porpoise Spit was said to be, James had an early connection to Muriel's Wedding. / Via Supplied

    "As a film, it really satirises Australian families well and I think captures the dagginess of Australian domesticity perfectly."

    But Muriel's Wedding isn't just an iconic comedy, as James explains, "I love how this incredibly complex film manages to transcend genres". / Via Supplied

    "Beyond the fabulous costumes and hilarious one-liners, it's every bit hilarious as it is a tragedy. I endeavoured to marry this frivolity and intensity in the artworks."

    Some of the cast members have even noticed James' tributes.


    With his debut show coming up this month in Brisbane, he notes a few special guests will be in attendance. "I'm stoked Gabby Millgate (Joanie Heslop) and Gennie Nevinson (Deirdre Chambers, what a coincidence!) are joining me on opening night."

    James' art has also recently graced the cover of the Star Observer's "Daddy Issue" this month.


    And when asked if he had any plans to try his hand at other Aussie classics, James has a few projects in the pipeline. / Via Supplied

    "I've had a few requests for 'The Castle', but am undoubtedly taking on ‘Kath & Kim’ next!"

    You can see more of James' work on his Facebook page or via his website.

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