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Sorry, Phone Battery, But Pokémon Go Is Here To Ruin You

"Remember to be alert at all times."

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Ahead of its worldwide release, Pokémon Go quietly rolled out in Australia, and obviously we hopped on that vibe ASAP.

Using your GPS, the app allows you to interact with and catch Pokémon in the world around you, and it's pretty addictive.


This is Michelle shouting, "FUCKIN', I GOT IT!!!" after stumbling across an Evee.

The app integrates Pokémon into the world around you, which is visually cool. It also takes into account your location when generating the type of Pokémon you capture. Being near Sydney Harbour, we nabbed a few Water types.


(We KNOW Bellsprout isn't a Water type, but that was the best pic of the Opera House we got so DON'T blow up our mentions.)

Naturally, people on Twitter went into nerd meltdown over the release.

I want this Squirtle but I have to trespass in my neighbour's backyard. Hmm... #PokemonGO

Checking the iOS app store every five seconds like... #PokemonGO

Walking into work tomorrow like... #PokemonGo

After testing it for about an hour, here are our first impressions:


4Kids Entertainment

- It encourages you to get off your ass by showing you all the different types nearby that you can capture if you continue to walk around. You can also incubate eggs by walking a certain distance, much like in the game.

- The app displays landmarks nearby that you interact with in order to pick up Pokéballs, potions, and other random objects to aid you on your journey. Michelle calls this "very educational".

- You will be cool as hell screaming, "A PSYDUCK!" in the middle of a busy walkway. This is cool, regardless of what anyone else tells you.


4Kids Entertainment

- Naturally, as a new app, there are definitely some bugs. Mat's crashed a few times, and Michelle's froze occasionally.

- There are no clear instructions, so it's a little trial by fire having to figure out how exactly to use the app.

- Because it's using your GPS, your mobile data and battery life will be wrecked harder than your social life after downloading the app.

- There are no push notifications, so the app needs to be running for you to see any Pokémon around you.

- It's very distracting, and you'll probably piss off regular people trying to walk down the pavement as you stop and try to catch a dickhead Zubat.

- Neither of us were at the right level for a gym battle (you need to be at level five for that), so we can't really speak to that experience yet. Also, we each had like 10 Magikarps, so like hell we were going to rush into a gym.

There are plans to release a wristband accessory to assist in your quest to become the very best (like no one ever was).

One last look at the Pokemon Go Plus accessory #PokemonGo

According to IGN:

"The Pokemon GO Plus will flash green and vibrate when Pokemon are nearby. After using the device to throw a PokeBall, it'll flash red to denote a failure or flash in a rainbow pattern for a success."

See you on the road, Poké pals.

4Kids Entertainment

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