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    Kurt Coleman Cut His Foot Open And Still Managed To Look Like A Renaissance Painting

    "I love being so amazing because the sky is blue."

    On Sunday, Kurt Coleman was visiting Sydney's Bondi Beach when he split his foot open. While he was getting his foot tended to, the social media mogul took this casual snap:

    @kurtcoleman /

    Actually, according to fellow Amplify Live tourmate Ben J. Pierce, Kurt urgently asked to be papped on the rocks.

    I need people to understand, @KurtColeman was bleeding out & urgently asked me to get a phone so I could take pics


    @kurtcoleman /

    Here's God being like, "Kurt, babes, follow me back so I can DM you???"

    @kurtcoleman / / Public Domain

    And here's an artist's recreation of Kurt's friends rushing to check on him after his accident.

    @kurtcoleman / / Public Domain

    For anyone worried about this national treasure, rest assured, Kurt tweeted later that day:

    I love being so amazing because the sky is blue

    Same babes.

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