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Watch Politicians Patiently Wait As A Girl Purposefully Tortures Them With The Recorder

Recorder? I don't even know her.

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Last night The Chaser's Election Desk decided to test the patience of some candidates by throwing at them one of the most annoying things on Earth: A little girl playing the recorder... badly.

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Isabella is introduced to the candidates, then honks the recorder at them for as long as possible, until they somehow get her to end the torment.

It began with the Labor candidate for Bennelong, Lyndal Howison, whose expression barely changed as she was subjected to Isabella's stunning musical talents.

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But Howison was so incredibly patient that the show has to cutaway before she asked for Isabella to stop, dear God why won't she stop.

Unfortunately he believed Isabella would end the torment by yielding to a question, but he was so very wrong.

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Di Natale was first on the board with an impressive 42 seconds. But Howison was still in the corner, already at a minute and a half.


The final contender, Leader of the Opposition Bill Shorten, couldn't have been more excited.

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And after trying the ol' "posing for a photo" distraction trick (TWICE), Shorten lasted a terrific one minute and 14 seconds. BUT HOWISON WAS STILL GOING!!!