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Tasia And Gracia Just Became The First Victorian Team To Win "My Kitchen Rules"

The chilli queens reign supreme!

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Tasia and Gracia have been crowned the 2016 champions of My Kitchen Rules.

Channel 7

Facing off against Carmine and Lauren, the chilli-loving champs wowed the judges as they plated up dish after dish of flawless food.

Channel 7
Channel 7

The fire wasn't just in the food with these two feisty foodies, with their fights becoming a trademark alongside their damn delicious dishes.

Sisterly love ❤ #MKRGrandFinal

But amongst all the bickering, the sisters managed to nab THREE 10s from the judges to get a final score of 57 out of a possible 60.

Congrats Tasia & Gracia. They will now celebrate with a celebratory screaming match #MKR #MKRGrandFinal

Just narrowly edging out Carmine and Lauren's score of 51.

And everyone was bloody stoked.

Nice Girls do come first!!!Congratulations you gorgeous, crazy talented sister Tasia and Gracia! #deserved #10 #mkr

Yay so happy #TasiaandGracia won!!!! My favourites from the beginning! I can't wait to eat at their restaurant #mkr ❤️👏

Promising to bring Indonesian street food to Australia (and hopefully a sauce business on the side), the sisters did us all proud.

#MKR Well done Tasia & Gracia. Way to make #IndonesiaProud !!!

Congratulations to #TasiaandGracia beyond well deserved! #MKRGrandFinal #MKR

They're also the first team from Victoria to win My Kitchen Rules.

@mykitchenrules Well done Tasia and Gracia for winning the MKR title, you have made everyone in Victoria very proud! 👏 #MKRGrandFinal

Total cutie legends I love U #TasiaGracia 💕💕💕

Congratulations Tasia and Gracia!

Channel 7

But seriously girls... about those sauces.

The best girls won! So happy for Tas and where can I buy their sauces? #MKR