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Your Prayers Have Been Answered America: You Can Now Buy Tim Tams So Easily

You're welcome.

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Hi America, it's your drunk cousin Australia here. We've given you some of our greatest exports like all forty of the Hemsworth brothers, Cate Blanchett... and now: Tim Tams!

The iconic Aussie treat has been available in US Target stores since early 2015, but the biscuit is now on the shelves of most supermarkets and grocery stores. This is a great, great thing.

I'm not exaggerating: I feel like Tim Tams are the only thing Australians agree on. They're delicious.

Instagram: @timtam_us

But there ARE a few rules if you're going to responsibly enjoy these Australian delicacies. FIRSTLY: Don't call them cookies DON'T YOU FUCKIN' DARE. These are not cookies, they're biscuits. They're THE biscuits.

I know in America you call things like these cookies, but that is a sledge against the great nation of Tim Tam! Seriously, the official website for American Tim Tams is literally

Secondly: You have to try a Tim Tam Slam just once.

Instagram: @timtam_us

You bite the opposite corners of a Tim Tam off, and use it as a straw to drink your tea, coffee, or other delicious beverage of your choosing. It's a messy and ineffective way to both eat AND drink, but it's a rite of passage. I honestly think it might be part of the Australian citizenship test.

Thirdly: Enjoy RESPONSIBLY. You're now in possession of the best biscuit in the world. THE WORLD. NOT. EXAGGERATING.

Instagram: @timtam_us

Look at our prime minister, Hugh Jackman, for example. It's a known fact that in the first X-Men film, Jackman requested Wolverine's body not be filled with Adamantium, but with delicious Tim Tams. The director kindly declined.

Look, maybe I exaggerated a few things in this post, but there's one fact I didn't: Tim Tams are fuckin' great.

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You're welcome, America.