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    These Comedians Have Made The Greatest Foodie Web Series Ever

    Just more reasons The Katering Show is the actual best.

    Earlier this year, Australian comedians Kate McCartney and Kate McLennan launched The Katering Show. The delicious web series follows foodie McLennan, and her food intolerant friend McCartney!

    They quickly whisked their ways into our hearts with such classics like their take on the Thermomix.

    View this video on YouTube

    You can and SHOULD see all six episodes of season 1 here.

    Not only are the Kates fucking hilarious...

    ...but the show is educational, too!

    They commit to life changes like going sugar free!

    ...for like a week.

    And now, while the Kates are on a season break, they're offering to donate all profits from merchandise sold in October to the Human Rights Law Centre!

    Facebook: video.php

    The HRLC is an NGO that advocates for the human rights of refugees and asylum seekers in Australia and Australian offshore activities. Or as the Kates call it "supporting shifty babies."

    See EVERY EPISODE of the The Katering Show on their website, where you'll also find their Border Force Bonanza Sale. And keep cooking! Or whatever!

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