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17 Reasons "Bad Weather" Is Actually The Best

Bad weather? More like bad attitude, missy.

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1. It's PERFECT weather for chilling on the couch with bae.

2. Plus it's a great excuse to catch up on your stories.

3. Or curl up with LITERAL stories!

5. You don't even need to lie to yourself about wanting to do stuff!

I love it when the weather is so bad that I don't have to even pretend that I wanna do stuff. Might not get off the couch til DAL-SEA.

6. Your bad weather outfit choices are WAY better.

Sweaters, chunky knits, three blankets wrapped around you like a toga of hugs... wear whatever you want!!!

7. Just the BEST.


9. Even when you're outdoors, rain is romantic AF.

"Wanna make out in the rain?" HECK YES.

"Wanna smash sweaty faces together in the dead heat of summer?" DON'T FUCKING TOUCH ME MY SKIN IS LAVA.

10. When it's cold outside, food and drink become infinitely more comforting.

nothing I love more when the weather is bad than being snuggled up in bed reading my book with a cup of tea ☕️📖


11. It isn't just warm drinks that are better on bad nights... EVERYTHING tastes better!

Seriously food is just way better when you're all rugged up. Is it windy outside? PIZZA WILL FIX THAT. Is a storm brewing? PIZZA. Is it boiling hot summer? Ehhhh pizza will probably fix that too...

12. Not loving it yet? Remember warm showers though?

nothing better than a long, warm, steamy shower when its raining and cold outside 👌🚿


Because they're SO GOOD when it's a bit stormy out.

Few things in life feel as good to me as slipping in to my freshly washed sheets after a warm shower..while it's raining outside..ya..I know

13. Also, "bad weather" photos are amazing.

Just made it home in time not looking good #sydneystorm #9weather

This planet is insane and beautiful and terrifying and we're calling that BAD?!

14. Terrible weather = GREAT PHOTO OPS.

#sydneystorm brings #rainbows #bondi @abcnews #sydneyweather

15. In Scandinavia they have terms to describe the best part of all of this.

Norway has "koselig", Denmark has "hyggelig" and the Swedish "mysigt". While a lot of times these words are translated into "cosy", really the point is to dedicate time to just enjoy yourself with good food, good company and good times.

16. Seriously we need a new name for this kind of weather.

The harder it rains the happier I get 😁🌧 I don't know why people call rain 'bad weather', I love it 💕

17. More like "best weather". ❤️

"There's no such thing as bad weather... just inappropriate clothing." Love this quote today. #perspective