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    17 Reasons Being An Aussie Who Loves TV Is The Worst

    "This video is not available in your country."

    1. You're always behind everyone else in the world on your favourite shows.

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    Except Home and Away, I guess.

    2. So you have to avoid spoilers for half a day.

    3. And you basically can't look at social media until you've watched an episode.

    Thats me avoiding spoilers of #gameofthrones leaked.

    4. I mean, good luck trying to watch a finale of your fave show without hearing SOMETHING you definitely didn't want to hear.


    5. You try to talk to people overseas about your fave local shows and they have no clue what you're talking about.


    C'mon fam, Wentworth is like hardcore Orange is the New Black!!! Get on that vibe!

    6. It's hard to talk to your friends about what you're watching because everyone is on different episodes.

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    "Have you seen the latest episode like, that's aired? Or the latest episode on Foxtel?"

    "Helen, I've seen the latest episode I've seen, why are you asking me such complex questions, it's just Midsomer Murders."

    "I want a divorce, David."

    7. You have to see this shit at least once a day.

    8. You have to constantly lie about pirating.

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    "Oh I watch Game of Thrones legitimately, just like you do... on... the... TV? Yeah, that's where people watch it. The TV."

    9. And the internet here isn't even good enough to support sneaky streaming.

    Fox Kids

    10. Your local choices are cooking reality, renovation reality, dating reality, or more cooking reality.

    11. And they run for 900 years.

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    12. Our Netflix is like a SEVENTH of the rest of the world.

    13. Even if you DO pay for streaming, it takes ages to download anyway.

    14. Or you were happy to pay while using a VPN, until it fucking got blocked.

    15. Meanwhile, our yearly celebrations of Australian TV is kinda... not great.

    Still watching the #Logies. Tell me, young ones - how long has it been?

    Pretty sure the telecast for this year's Logies is still going, by the way.

    16. And Aussie actors are forever leaving to "try and make it big in Hollywood".


    Um, ok, sorry we aren't good enough for you!!!!!!!!! Please send me signed merch from the States tho, that'd be sick.

    17. Also, diversity on TV be like:

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