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    An Easter Egg Might Reveal The Fate Of This "Westworld" Character

    And we won't know until 2018. Spoilers ahead!

    This post will contain spoilers for Westworld if you haven't already finished the season. You have been warned, please limit your emotional response.


    Now that the season is over, everyone still has a thousand questions.

    hi so are there more parks? Southwestworld? I'm being 100% serious.

    What does SW stand for?! Samurai World? Southwestworld? Secret World? How many parks are there? What happened to Stubbs? And more importantly, what happened to Elsie???

    Well ONE of those questions may have an answer. Redditor yenwood discovered the now defunct holds a secret.

    Yenwood explains: "Type reverie into the admin box, press enter. It plays a video then prints a ton of text onto the screen."

    The code at the bottom of the screen includes a hex code that can be translated.

    "Translated to text, it's




    Which is also actually Base64, and translates to this:"

    The first URL, tablet.mp4, takes you to the following video highlighting Elsie's location. This is similar to what Stubbs was using to locate her before he was attacked by the Ghost Nation.

    The second URL takes you to a short video where you can hear Elsie simply saying "Hello?".

    Even without all that info, a lot of people were already calling into question Elsie's status.

    Until we see her body, I'm just going to assume that Elsie is still alive. #Westworld

    I'm ready/not ready to be emotionally and mentally drained by #westworld tonight. Hope to find Elsie alive and no deaths... just resets!

    Ford's motives were only revealed throughout the final episode, but Elise's survival plays nicely into this notion of Ford's greater plan.


    In episode eight, Bernard asked Ford, “Have you ever made me hurt anyone like this before?” to which Ford responded, “No, Bernard, of course not".

    The jump-cut to Bernard strangling Elsie obviously made audiences believe this was a lie, but perhaps this was all part of Ford's master plan. Could he have been protecting Elsie and Stubbs before launching his new narrative? Unfortunately showrunners Lisa Joy and Jonathan Nolan have confirmed the show will not return until 2018.

    See you in 2018, I guess.


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