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Here's Everything You Missed On "My Kitchen Rules" This Week

Ship happened, and the Seafood King ate it.

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2. During a challenge last week, Amy and Tyson fell short due to issues with a pressure cooker. SO THEY WHIPPED OUT A FUCKING PRESSURE COOKER IN THE SUDDEN DEATH.

5. Tyson and Amy's oxtail, beef, and kidney stew was unfortunately missing the beef after it turned out super dry.

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This is a reference to a Wendy's commercial from 1984. These bloody posts are so fuckin' educational, you're welcome.

6. Amy and Tyson were VERY WORRIED for this whole episode, despite their dishes always being just sliiiightly better executed than Damo and Caz.

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Sadly for the Tassie two, Amy and Tyson slid by with a final score of 37/60, while Damo and Caz scored 29/60.

7. The next day, Colin showed up on a motorbike because the challenge was a bake sale for bikers. Colin wearing leather? YOU KNOW THIRSTY MAMA VAL LOVED IT.

9. Big Boy Joshy graciously allowed Poor Amy to take the lead in this challenge. He reminded us every five minutes, especially when things went wrong.

10. Seriously, the two of them fought for SO MUCH of that episode, which you'd think would have been great considering they've been such good villains but it was actually just awkward.

11. Brett and Marie are still in the competition???

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I feel bad because they seem like such nice people but??? Also in literally every single episode they mention that they have kids. Like wow, Tyson may have a legitimate personality disorder and Josh could potentially be a psychopath, but please tell us about how unique it is to have kids.

12. A lot of teams struggled with the challenge, including Amy and Tyson.

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"We're not used to these challenges," they said about the very normal scenario of cooking for 1,000 bikers in a carpark.

14. Happy hipsters Court and Duncan were the "bikers choice", meaning they won the challenge, which would have pissed off Josh... so in a small way we all won.

15. The footy friends, Mark and Chris, had to face off against fashion friends Caitie and Demi in the next Sudden Death showdown.

18. During the dessert round the footy friends decided to turn a luscious-looking chocolate mousse into little turds.

20. Their desserts were... um. Let's just say at this point I was expecting the judges to send both teams home.

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Mark and Chris scored 31/60 while Caitie and Demi only scored 24/60 so, sadly for me, two of my favourites left the competition.

22. Ships, typically, are on the ocean. So... you know what that means:

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Fuckin' Aquaman over here wouldn't shut the hell up about "being in his element". Calm down, fishboy.

25. The Seafood King continued his streak of NOT BEING ABLE TO FUCKING COOK SEAFOOD.

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HE BURNED ALL HIS PRAWNS, and then spent five minutes just rubbing the char off his prawns with paper towel. KING OF PAPER TOWEL.

27. Della and Tully won passengers' choice, and because Colin apparently invented beef, Big Boy Joshy decided Della and Tully had ~cheated~.

28. The two teams whose canapés were more like can'tapés, Kelsey and Amanda and JOSH AND AMY (HAHAH), would be going to a Sudden Death elimination. But they won't be in Kitchen HQ, they'll be cooking for the judges ON THE CRUISE SHIP!

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