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Meet The Australian Artist Who Paints With His Dick

This is quite literally all about dick pics.

This is Tim Patch, but you might know him better by his professional name: Pricasso.

If you haven't guessed, Pricasso has a very specific painting method. He doesn't use his hands, feet, or brushes...just his dick.

"When I'm working I have to really concentrate and put myself into a meditative state so I don't notice much going on around me until I have finished," Pricasso explained.

He also does party appearances. According to his website, Pricasso painted these 12 portraits in 3 hours and 30 minutes.

Pricasso first began his unorthodox methods in 2008, realising with practice "it would be possible to get good with it."

And while most of his work is portraits of famous celebrities like Michael Jackson or Mick Jagger...

...Pricasso has also done a few slightly NSFW paintings of the likes of Mr Bean (complete with beans).

As well as this raunchy portrait of Prince Charles and Camilla.

You can imagine the hardest part about Pricasso's methods: "Finding somewhere to practise was a problem."

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