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    14 Sep 2016

    4 Cocktails Inspired By "The Bachelor" Australia Finale

    As Richie would say, "Cheers, yeah, fantastic".

    We're only A DAY away from The Bachelor's big finale, and to celebrate, we've made four cocktails dedicated to the show!


    So make sure to settle in, and make some of these DELICIOUS* concoctions while you wait to see who Richie might pick!

    *We are not bartenders, we cannot guarantee these will be delicious.

    1. Richie's "Blondie Mary"

    Network Ten / BuzzFeed

    It's no secret that Richie loves 'em blonde. No silly, I'm talking about his drinks!!! (Just kidding, I'm definitely talking about his dates.) This is a new take on the classic Bloody Mary that swaps out tomato juice for your favourite blonde beer.

    Method: To a glass full of ice, add 30mls of vodka, a dash of tabasco, celery salt, and a pinch of ground pepper. Top that with a frosty can of blonde beer, and add a celery stick and lemon to garnish.

    2. Alex's "White Rose Mum-tini"

    Network Ten / BuzzFeed

    Alex is a mum. She was also the lucky Bachelorette with the coveted white rose. These are two facts we had to hear about A LOT this season, so we decided to make a drink to drown out the noise.

    Method: Brew a strong cup of loose leaf rose tea following the instructions and set aside to cool. To a shaker full of ice, add 30ml of your cooled tea, 50ml of gin, 15ml of freshly squeezed lemon juice, and a teaspoon of honey. Strain into a chilled glass, and garnish with some fresh tea buds.

    3. Nikki's "Raspberry Race Day"

    Network Ten / BuzzFeed

    Nikki is sweet, bubbly, and apparently loves the races? Seriously, all of a sudden she showed up wearing a fascinator and talking about the races. Also Richie would be berry lucky to end up with someone like Nikki. Ha ha, get it? Berries!

    Method: Into a tall glass muddle a small handful of raspberries, chopped ginger, and mint leaves. Now's the time to add a pinch of sugar, or a dash of sugar syrup, to the mix before adding 30ml of vodka, and several handfuls of ice. Finally, top all of that with some sparkling wine to give it a fresh fizz.

    4. Osher's "Ginsberg"

    Network Ten / BuzzFeed

    Just a really handsome gin and tonic.

    Method: Make a gin and tonic.

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