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    Rocco The Pug Is Your New Favourite Instagram Bartender

    He's dressed all fancy AND he's got a cocktail for you, WHAT MORE COULD YOU WANT?!

    Meet Rocco the Pug.

    A fancy gentleman and "Pugtender", Rocco's Instagram combines all the best things on the internet: cocktails and incredibly adorable animals.

    Rocco's owner, Lili, spoke to BuzzFeed about her boozy pup. “It’s his insatiable appetite for treats and attention that drove it."

    "I was so proud of the first cocktails I made that I would snap a picture while enjoying them to send to my husband," Lili said. "When Rocco would see me snapping the pictures, he’d rush to get on the sofa and sit next to the cocktail, or try and claw his way up the breakfast table to be in the picture.”

    It isn't ALL cocktails and bow-ties. Since rescuing him eight years ago, Lili has been taking the most incredible photos of Rocco and his brother Weldon.

    Lili told BuzzFeed, “The entire process takes about three to five minutes, and that includes putting his shirt and bow tie on".

    Rocco has become accustomed to his new routine. “After making a cocktail, he gets excited because he knows a picture and a treat will follow.”

    And if you’re wondering what Rocco’s favourite drink is, “he’s a sucker for a lavender gin and tonic".

    You can follow Rocco's adventures here.

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