The One Thing You Might Have Forgotten About Pokémon Go

    The company joked about its own game in 2014.

    By now, everyone has heard of Pokémon Go, the app taking over lives and actually forcing people to get off their couch.

    This is the first time I've been outside in 5 years #PokemonGO

    But what you might NOT remember is that in 2014, Google released the following video as an April Fools' joke, pretty much announcing Pokémon Go two years early.

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    The video acted as a fake introduction into a new part of Google Maps, allowing users to catch Pokémon in the wild.

    But before you accuse anyone of ripping off ideas, you gotta remember that Niantic Labs was originally part of Google.

    Niantic's CEO John Hanke also said work on Pokémon Go began ~in early 2014~.

    So next time you're standing in the rain at 2am trying to catch a damn Mr. Mime, you have Google's sense of humour to thank!