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    22 Mar 2017

    People Are Losing It Over This Guy's Massive "Wheel Of Fortune" Fuckup

    What a _uckup.

    On last night's Wheel of Fortune, Kevin was in control of the wheel and had one letter left in the puzzle: "A STREETCAR NA_ED DESIRE".

    A guy on #WheelOfFortune made an epic #Fail last night. The answer was "A Streetcar Named Desire" watch what he…

    JUST ONE LETTER! And he decided to guess "A Streetcar NaKed Desire" instead of NaMed.


    Cate Blanchett got hit in the face by an oldey-timey radio while she was in Streetcar in 2009, it's definitely famous.

    Needless to say, Twitter wasn't going to just let that slide.

    Dude on Wheel of Fortune had to solve this: A STREETCAR NA_ED DESIRE He asked for a K. I’m gonna go lie down.

    With very mixed reactions, from absolutely done...

    This guy on wheel of fortune just guessed "A Streetcar Naked Desire" I'm so done

    MRW the guy on wheel of fortune guessed “A Streetcar Na_ed Desire” was “A Streetcar Naked Desire." totally exhilarated. These are the moments we live for.

    for everyone not watching wheel of fortune kevin confidently guessed K with the puzzle showing A STREETCAR NA_ED DESIRE and I feel so alive

    It was like a real-life episode of Friends.

    Feeling for "Streetcar Naked Desire" guy tonight on @WheelofFortune. The real life Joey:

    But honestly, it could have been any of us.

    I’d like to go on Wheel of Fortune, but I’d be the idiot that misses the easiest puzzle and goes viral for the wrong reason.

    At least it's not bad news for everyone.

    Guys, I'm getting a lot of Google Alerts on my gay porn screenplay "A Streetcar Naked Desire." Did it make the 2017 Blacklist?

    Who knows, maybe we'll see a gritty remake of Streetcar where everyone's relying on the kindness of naked strangers.

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