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    Pokémon Go Just Added An Unintentionally Hilarious Feature

    People sure love a good dick gag.

    Pokémon Go released an update today that allows Team Leaders to appraise the Pokémon in your collection.

    But users were quick to notice that, depending on your Pokémon's name, this new feature can be a VERY entertaining addition to the app.

    As the update said, Leaders will give feedback on the size and power of your Poké this user's Magnum Dong.

    Or this wondrous Cock.

    Maybe your Poké Balls are loaded to the brim with your massive Penis.

    Or your Wet Pussy is a real head turner.

    It's not ~all~ genital jokes though, because that would be immature. People are definitely branching out.

    Reddit: swim_to_survive / Via

    But it's mainly dick jokes.

    Sadly, it doesn't always work out so great.


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