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    This Australian Pokémon Go Player Has Already Caught 143 Pokémon

    "Never ran faster in my life when I saw a nearby Lapras!"

    Sydney-based Pokémon Master Kevin Resurreccion could be the first Aussie to fill his Pokédex!

    Resurreccion told BuzzFeed he caught 142 Pokémon, and hatched a Tauros, which is currently only catchable within North America.


    Other location-specific Pokémon include Mr. Mime (Europe), and Farfetch'd (Asia), while Ditto, Articuno, Moltres, Zapdos, Mew, and Mewtwo are believed to be uncatchable at this stage. Resurreccion is only missing these eight elusive Pokémon to catch all 151.

    "I went mostly around the city during my days off uni or work. I went to Rhodes, Burwood, the Botanical Gardens, and the Opera House," resulting in about 130km of walking.


    "It was a mix of luck and ability to track them. I actually ran when I saw a nearby Lapras, because it was my last Pokémon I needed. I was pretty stoked," he said.

    His plan now is to power up his collection, avoiding those pesky Zubats. "They breed faster than I walk!".


    As for support from his mates, "They threatened they'd transfer all my Pokémon and make them into candy when I'm not looking!"

    Too awesome.

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