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    26 Brands Who Tried To Capitalise On Pokémon Go

    Golf will never be cool. Sorry.

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    1. This fiery tampon which honestly, I would not want anywhere near my bits.

    2. And this supermarket's attempt to get people to their battery aisle.

    3. This woeful Pikachu pun which just makes me want pizza.


    4. And this, which doesn't make a lot of sense?

    5. This Facebook post which kind of makes sense, because one of Meowth's TM's is Pay Day, which makes it rain coins.

    6. This clever capitalisation on Pokémon Go's major battery drainage.

    Because #PokemonGO

    7. This mall's attempt to be ~hip~ and ~with it~.

    When you just gotta catch 'em all. #PokemonGO is on at the Mall!

    8. And this school that gave a reason for students to come to class.

    Not only do our students hang out in the @uclaanderson Courtyard, #PokemonGO has taken over, too! #PokemonGoBruins

    9. This confused company, with a tweet that doesn't even really make sense?

    Countable: it's like #PokemonGO except not really and it lets you contact your lawmakers and understand legislation:

    10. And this attempt to make golf trendy.

    So if you can't get #PokemonGO to work yet in the #uk. How about give Tap Golf 16 a go....

    11. This motivation to eat KFC, which we never really needed.

    12. And this motivation to eat bananas, just like Mankey.

    13. This team bias. / Via

    14. And this clever cut-out.

    It was an obvious choice. #PokemonGO

    15. This zoo, which is just happy that they have free Wi-Fi.

    Remember to watch where you're walking while you catch 'em all! #PokemonGo is better with #ZooFreeWiFi!

    16. And this Monster tweet which isn't really promoting Monster at all?

    When you get to work and you don’t see a Pokéstop… #PokemonGO

    17. This lame-ass approach to the Pokémon craze.

    #PokemonGO draining your battery? Try these button batteries from @amhistorymuseum. Durable!

    18. And this unexpected wrestling endorsement.

    There's a Jigglypuff in a @WWE ring? Go get it, @SashaBanksWWE!!! #PokemonGO

    19. This strange Adventure Time Facebook post.

    20. And this photo which just makes me think of an old granddad trying to keep up with the youth.

    21. This strange link between Pokémon and Sunday Night Football.

    Facebook: video.php

    22. This basketball team that is as plagued with Zubats as the rest of us.

    23. And this fun reminder that our forests are being destroyed.

    24. This breakfast TV show celebrating Monday morning.

    25. The Starbucks employees who aarrrrre keen to get customers.

    Reddit: WhereAreMyComics / Via

    26. And this tweet which makes me never want to watch Netflix again.

    I wanna be the very best/like no one ever was/gonna drop five incense/and binge Netflix indoors.

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