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26 Photos That Made All Aussies Piss Themselves In 2016

Only in Australia.

1. This helpful chart that breaks down terms used for mates by location:

Reddit: decnov / Via

2. These high prices:

Reddit: superjaywars / Via

3. This cheeky Pokémon that just wants you to catch all the tinnies:

Reddit: Captain_Joelbert87 / Via

4. This reimagining of a classic ad:

Reddit: mrsqueevoot / Via

5. This taste of home in Bali:

Reddit: dirtfoot1 / Via

6. This brilliant sign for a gym:

Reddit: aussieskibum / Via

7. This stunning artwork dedicated to a true Aussie hero:

Reddit: felipenasr / Via

8. This brilliant response:

Reddit: Diggly123 / Via

9. And these cheeky buggers:

Reddit: ImNotJesus / Via

10. This culture shock:

Reddit: CRZTFR / Via

11. This example of modern ingenuity:

Reddit: thesearmsshootlasers / Via

12. This politician in the making:

Reddit: lordhazzard / Via

13. This buyer's remorse:

Reddit: hopefulpenguin / Via

14. These dirty bins:

Reddit: iTopiCati / Via

15. These classy decorations:

Reddit: SydneyTom / Via

16. This unfortunate shadow:

Reddit: D_S_W / Via

17. And this unfortunate lettering:

Reddit: Ruskarr / Via

18. This brilliant use of textas to avoid getting a speeding ticket:

Reddit: kevle6 / Via

19. This unique mashup:

Reddit: TheElderGodsSmile / Via

20. This taste of Australia:

Reddit: drosefreethrows / Via

21. This blockhead:

Reddit: Fojaro / Via

22. And this "excerpt" from Clarkie's autobiography:

Reddit: wilslol / Via

23. This fuckin' pisspot:

Reddit: pringle_dingo / Via

24. This goddamn ingenious solution to fucking hot cars:

Reddit: Zaunny / Via

25. This bargain:

Reddit: thetalkingbanana / Via

26. And this Tezza White pharmacist:

Reddit: awkwardjeff / Via

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