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People Paid $2 To See 30 Seconds Of Ed Sheeran In The Creepiest Peep Show Ever

"That's the best f*#%ing $2 I've ever spent!"

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While in Australia, Ed Sheeran was set-up in a very special "peep show" where punters were charged $2 for an intimate 30-second show.

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Radio presenters Hamish and Andy set Ed up in the dingiest little space, complete with "LIVE PEEP NOW" signs.

Leaving an incognito Hamish stationed outside in an attempt to lure the public into their ~peep show~ for a quick peek at the man himself.

Unfortunately for all involved, Hamish wasn't really doing the best job - leaving Ed sitting there for almost two hours before their first clients!

Until one couple FINALLY decided to see what the fuss was about.

And while they had their reservations...

...they weren't disappointed.

They also spent the entire time watching him via their phones because it's 2015.

After that, Ed was FLOODED with tens of people brave enough to have a peep.

The moral of the story is: next time someone tells you you can see Ed Sheeran perform in a dingy basement for $2, believe them!

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