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Sir Patrick Stewart Is Now A Country Music Icon

Britain's most beloved cowboy crooner is getting ready to slay your faves.

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In an unpredictable turn of events, Patrick Stewart has released the country album of the year with Patrick Stewart’s Cowboy Classics.

"Cowboy Pat" as he's now known, has tweeted a link to this infomercial-style video a few times, without really providing much info as to why.

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Like really... why???

While the informercial is pretty tongue-in-cheek, there is still a link to, a totally legit website for the country crooner's CDs.

Unfortunately the site currently shows that the vinyl, CD, cassette, and 8 tracks are all sold out, however there is a link to purchase a "CD sampler" featuring five songs.

It looks like Cowboy Pat has done all this in an effort to raise funds for the International Rescue Committe, an organisation that provides relief to those who have been affected by war, disaster, and conflict across the globe.

Basically, Patrick Stewart has stolen the crowns of all your country faves, and is doing it entirely for a good cause. The sampler even includes a duet with "Miss Lady Stewart herself", Sunny Ozell.

Honestly these two are too much to handle.

So there you have it, the undeniable country star of 2016: Sir Patrick Stewart.

See you at the CMAs, Cowboy Pat.