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    Here's All The New Australian Movies And TV Shows In 2016

    AKA every reason why you’re probably not leaving your house this year.


    1. The Daughter

    Roadshow Films

    What it's about: Christian (Paul Schneider) returns to his family home for his father's wedding. While there, he reunites with his childhood friend, Oliver (Ewen Leslie). But as Christian gets to know Oliver's family more and more, he uncovers a secret that could tear them apart. Also stars Geoffrey Rush, Miranda Otto, Anna Torv, Odessa Young and Sam Neill.

    2. Wide Open Sky

    What it's about: Winner of the Audience Award for Best Documentary at the 2015 Sydney Film Festival, Wide Open Sky follows a children's choir in a remote corner of outback Australia. The kids travel far from their homes to music camp where they only have three days to learn a demanding new repertoire.

    3. Looking for Grace

    Palace Films

    What it's about: When 16-year-old Grace (Odessa Young) runs off, her parents (Richard Roxburgh, Radha Mitchell) enlist the help of an ageing detective (Terry Norris) and begin a long drive to find their daughter. On the way, the two are confronted with the shifts in not only their relationship with their daughter, but with each other.

    4. Down Under

    What it's about: A comedy set in the aftermath of the Cronulla riots when two carloads of hotheads, through a series of hijinks, turn a retaliation mission into something neither side expected. Starring Lincoln Younes, Damon Herriman, David Field, Rahel Romahn, Michael Denkha.

    5. Sherpa

    What it's about: In 2013, a fight broke out on Everest at 21,000ft between Sherpas and a group of European climbers. Setting out to document what happened, a group of filmmakers ventured out to Everest in 2014, but what they captured was a tragedy that would change Everest, and the Sherpa industry, forever.

    6. Spin Out

    Sony Pictures

    What it's about: Lucy and Billy (Morgan Griffin and Xavier Samuels) are two best mates who have always denied their true feelings for each other. When their town's annual Ute Muster comes around, the pair must face their feelings or go their separate ways. Also starring Lincoln Lewis and Travis Jeffrey.

    7. Highly Strung

    What it's about: A documentary that follows the incredible world of the Australian String Quartet and the impeccable instruments they hold near and dear.

    8. Lion

    What it's about: Based on the incredible true story A Long Way Home by Saroo Briely, Lion follows Saroo (Dev Patel) as a 5-year-old who finds himself travelling on the wrong train away from his family. Later adopted by an Australian couple, Saroo spends years hiding his desire to reunite with his lost family, until one day he embarks on one of the greatest searches of modern times. Also stars Nicole Kidman, David Wenham, and Rooney Mara.


    9. The Family Law


    What it's about: A fictionalised version of writer Benjamin Law's memoir, The Family Law is the story of a Chinese-Australian family living on the Sunshine Coast, told through the eyes of 14-year-old Benjamin (Trystan Go). Also stars Fiona Choi, Anthony Brandon Wong, Shuang Hu, and George Zhao.

    10. The Wizards of Aus


    What it's about: A six-part series that follows Jack the Wizard as he migrates from the Magical Realm to Melbourne's Western suburbs. When an unfortunate magical accident outs Jack as a wizard, and alerts the nation to the existence of other magical immigrants, Jack swears off using magic in a last-ditch effort to fit in.

    11. Deep Water

    What it's about:
    A four-part drama series about gay-hate murders in Sydney in the '80s and '90s, with a companion feature-length documentary telling the true crime story it's based on.


    12. Cleverman


    What it's about: Taking inspiration from Dreamtime stories, Cleverman is set in the near future, where an ancient species must live amongst the humans who wish to destroy them, and a young man (Hunter Page-Lochard) discovers he could have the power to stop it. Starring Deborah Mailman, Rob Collins, Ryan Corr, Stef Dawson, Iain Glen and Frances O'Connor.

    13. Barracuda

    What it's about: Based on the novel by Christos Tsiolkas, Barracuda follows Melbourne teen Danny Kelly (Elias Anton) as he strives to make it to the 2000 Sydney Olympic Games and win gold. Also featuring Matt Nable, Ben Kindon, Rachel Griffiths, Jeremy Lindsay Taylor, and Rhys Mitchell.

    14. Rosehaven


    What it's about: Daniel (Luke McGregor) leaves the big city with his best friend (Celia Pacquola) in tow, to return to his Tasmanian hometown of Rosehaven, hoping to save his family's troubled real estate business.

    15. David Stratton’s Story of Australian Cinema

    What it's about: A Margaret-less David takes us on a journey through the history of Australian Cinema in this three-part special.

    16. Lukewarm Sex

    What it's about: "Australia's most awkward comedian" Luke McGregor explores Australians' sex lives in this six-part series that follows his quest to get really, really good in bed.

    17. Tomorrow When The War Began


    What it's about: Based on the YA novel by John Marsden, a group of teens return from a camping trip to discover Australia has been invaded and their families have disappeared. Starring Molly Daniels, Jon Prasida, Narek Armen, Madeleine Madden, Deborah Mailman, Sibylla Budd, James Stewart and Allison Bell.

    Nine Network

    18. Here Come The Habibs!

    Nine Network

    What it's about: The Habibs strike it rich and move to Australia's poshest suburb, but their new neighbours aren't quite as stoked. Featuring Michael Denkha, Camilla Ah Kin, Kat Hoyos, Tyler De Nawi, Sam Alhaje, and Helen Dallimore.

    19. Hide & Seek

    What it's about: A new crime thriller that follows police and immigration officials who, while investigating a murder, uncover a secret network of potential terrorists that travelled to Australia using false documents.

    20. House of Bond

    What it's about: The rags-to-riches story of Alan "Bondy" Bond's journey from a sporting hero and the richest man in Australia, to the country's greatest villain facing bankruptcy.

    21. You're Back In The Room

    What it's about: A new game show hosted by Daryl Somers that gives contestants the opportunity to win some great cash prizes, the only thing standing in their way: hypnotist Keith Barry.

    22. This Time Next Year

    What it's about: Utilising a new "time travel" format, This Time Next Year sees ordinary Australians pledging to overhaul their lives within the next 12 months. As they make their pledges, participants will reappear moments later, after undergoing their transformations.

    23. Prison: First & Last 24 Hours

    What it's about: A behind-the-bars look at what it's like for offenders starting their first day of jail, and those in their final 24 hours of serving sentences.

    24. The Rookie

    What it's about: One amateur NRL player will be given the opportunity to turn pro in this new reality series that sees 25 rookies put through rigorous training and challenges. Hosted by Brad "Freddie" Fittler, Mark "MG" Geyer, and Adam "Lammy" Lam.

    Ten Network

    25. The Wrong Girl

    What it's about: Jessica Marais stars as Lily, a TV producer who has to juggle her career, family and finds herself in a tricky love triangle, picking between two smokin' hot dudes.

    26. Australian Survivor

    What it's about: A group of Aussies battle it out in a remote destination to see who can outwit, outplay and outlast to become the ultimate survivor.

    27. Brock

    Network Ten

    What it's about: Based on the career of one of Australia's most successful motor racers, Peter Brock (Matthew Le Nevez), the drama event tracks his status as a champion on the track, and a figurehead of controversy off it.

    28. Long Lost Family

    What it's about: Hosted by Ahn Do and Chrissie Swan, Long Lost Family is a factual series that finds families who have been separated for years, and reunites them.

    29. Offspring

    Network Ten

    What it's about: Yes, it's true. Nina (Asher Keddie) is coming back to Ten for a sixth season of Offspring. The highly-anticipated new season will see the return of Nina and her "fabulously messy family" for many more adventures.

    Seven Network

    30. Molly

    Channel 7

    What it's about: The life story of one of Australia's most beloved public figures, Molly Meldrum (Samuel Johnson). Also starring Tom O'Sullivan, TJ Power, Rebecca Breeds, and Connor Crawford.

    31. The Secret Daughter

    What it's about: Developed specifically for Jess Mauboy and described as a "feel-good drama", The Secret Daughter is about a country pub singer who meets a wealthy city hotel owner who changes her life forever.

    32. Sunday Night Takeaway

    What it's about: Based on the UK's Saturday Night Takeaway, this is a variety show with celebrity guests featuring stunts and pranks, with the opportunity for audience members to "win the ads" (aka play for the contents of the items in the commercial break).

    33. Wanted

    Seven Network

    What it's about: Two strangers (Rebecca Gibney and Geraldine Hakewell) at a bus stop see a carjacking and try to intervene, but subsequently find themselves on the run with a car full of money. Also starring Ryan Corr, Stephen Peacock, and Nicholas Bell.

    34. Kiss Bang Love

    What it's about: Ten single people will be matched with 15 potential partners - a mix of strangers, acquaintances and exes. They have to kiss them all and decide who to take on a ~romantic getaway~.

    35. The Day The Cash Came

    What it's about: A social experiment in which families are given a large sum of cash, and then have to figure out what to do with it. The show promises "heartwarming highs and crushing lows."


    36. Secret City (Showcase)


    What it's about: Based on novels The Mandarin Code and The Marmalade Files by journalists Chris Uhlmann and Steve Lewis, this mini-series focuses on a political journalist who uncovers a world of conspiracy and intrigue in Canberra. Starring Anna Torv, Dan Wyllie, Damon Herriman, Miranda Tapsell, Mekhi Phifer, Alex Dimitriades, Alan Dale, and Jacki Weaver.

    37. Deadline Design (Lifestyle Home)

    What it's about:
    The Block's Shaynna Blaze gets her own show, focused on renovation and interior design to a deadline - a different milestone in her clients' lives each episode.

    38. Donna Hay - Basics to Brilliance (LifeStyle FOOD)

    What it's about:
    Donna Hay creating brilliant things out of basics.

    39. The Kettering Incident (SoHo)


    What it's about: Anna Macy (Elizabeth Debicki) returns to her hometown of Kettering, which she left 15 years ago after the disappearance of her best friend, to find a community falling apart. When another girl disappears, Anna is determined to find out what really happened. Also starring Matthew Le Nevez, Damon Gameau, Damien Garvey, and Ben Oxenbould.

    40. I Own Australia’s Best Home (LifeStyle HOME)

    What it's about: Based on the popular British version, each episode sees an architect, an interior designer and a property expert spend 24 hours in beautiful homes around Australia and explore what makes them so awesome.

    41. Tiny House World: Australia (LifeStyle HOME)


    What it's about: This is an eight-part series that documents people who are trying to find a mini home, hosted by Andrew Winter.

    42. A Place To Call Home (Showcase)

    What it's about: Foxtel has revived the fan-favourite for a fourth season, seeing the return of the period drama and all your favourite Blighs. Starring Marta Dusseldorp, Brett Climo, Noni Hazelhurst, Jenni Baird and Ben Winspear.

    43. Bride of Jaws (Discovery Channel)

    What it's about:
    A researcher and two shark attack survivors try to locate and tag Joan of Shark, a 5.5m, 1360kg Great White shark who roams the waters off the coast of Western Australia. This Shark Week special will follow their journey and the crazy techniques they used to try and attract Joan.

    44. No Activity - Season 2

    What it's about: Following on from Stan's first local original programming, No Activity returns for a second season of improvised police-centric comedy. Featuring Patrick Brammall, Darren Gilshenan, Harriet Dyer, David Field, Genevieve Morris, Dan Wyllie, Sacha Horler, and Ewen Leslie.

    45. Wolf Creek

    What it's about: A spin-off from the Wolf Creek movies, this mini-series follows Eve (Lucy Fry), an American tourist targeted by none other than insane serial killer, Mick Taylor (John Jarratt). Surviving his attack and turning the infamous Wolf Creek narrative on its head, Eve sets out on a revenge mission of her own.