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    PSA: "Rita" Is The Next Show To Add To Your Netflix Queue

    Her name is Rita, and she deserves your attention.

    Rita is a Danish dramatic comedy about a sharp-tongued, kick-ass teacher (coincidentally named Rita) and it is absolutely the next show you need to add to your Netflix queue.

    There are three seasons on Netflix, and it is honestly just stunning. The show boasts a colourful cast of characters all centred around Mille Dinesen's Rita, who has NO TIME for your shitty toilet graffiti.

    While juggling her classes, she also tries to make time to be a good mother to her three kids. There's the eldest, Rico:


    ...and Jeppe.

    There's also so much to love about the styling of the show. Like Rita's very defined dress sense for example.

    Seriously. Very defined.

    And everyone loves how she looks. Well, almost everyone.

    And while her number one priority is caring for both her own kids and those in her classes, she is NOT here to fuck around.

    Seriously. She's not going to bite her tongue to make you feel comfortable.

    Her no-holds-barred approach to teaching also filters into her parenting style.

    And her love life...

    Not sold yet? That's OK because we've been saving the best for last. HJØRDIS.

    Hjørdis describes herself as Rita's bard, because "in the Icelandic sagas the hero always has a bard."

    And because they're Danish, they say adorable things like:

    Did we mention Danish men are fine AF.

    So go forth and binge-watch right now, and you can thank us later.