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19 Tweets About Olympians That'll Make You Say "I'm Old Garbage"

"A 19-year-old won a gold medal and I still can't make toast right."


Watching the olympics, impressed with the athletes. So young & talented. Meanwhile, just walked into the wall, didn’t spill my wine. GOLD!


Ugh some of these athletes are so young and I'm just sitting here like I'm kinda double jointed? That's cool I guess?


Want to feel old? The youngest Olympian in Rio was born in 2002.


I would like to meet an olympian just to now really really truly feel completely worthless.


A 19 year old won a gold medal and I still can't make toast right


Me: "yaaaasss Mack Horton!" TV: "Mack was born in 1996..." Me: "Ok show off"

Al Bello / Getty Images


Mack Horton a 20 yr old from melb wins a gold medal and I'm sitting on my arse hungover as hell jesus


'He's the old man of China's gymnastics team at age 27' - enough of that, yeah? #Rio2016


Mack Horton was born in 1996? Shit. #AUS #swimming #Rio2016


She's gonna be a sophomore at wvu and has a gold medal I'm gonna be a sophomore and I can't even make myself get up in the morning....


Olympic commentators be like "quite a surprise at 27 they made it" and I'm here like please, I haven't even met my prime 💁🏻 #27 #Rio2016

Alex Livesey / Getty Images


Me: wow seeing kids so young at the Olympics makes me feel bad about myself.. Mom: It should, loser. #Olympics2016 #USA #mom


I'm at that really awkward age where the Olympians are around the same age as me and it makes me feel lazy #Rio2016


Watching these Olympians my age in Rio while I'm sitting on the couch like


>commentator praising olympic athletes >"they are only 23 years old! so young!" yes. keep telling me 23 is young. h ahahaha HAHA :)


"That Olympic gymnast is 19, that's your age. Why aren't you in Rio" 🙃🙃🙃


Mack Horton is still a babe even though he makes me feel really old. #Rio2016


Penny Oleksiak is 16 years of age and won a bronze and silver at Rio Olympics. I'm 21 and can't get a job ffs.....


Crazy that kids my age are over here winning gold medals in rio while I'm watching Netflix for 14 hours and taking 2 naps a day

Emmanuel Dunand / AFP / Getty Images

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