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KFC Australia Deleted A Weird NSFW Tweet And People Are Losing Their Minds

Finger lickin' good?

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Earlier today, KFC Australia tweeted out the following weird as hell tweet:

Twitter: @KFCAustralia

It was up for a good two hours before someone probably saw it and thought, “is that guy’s dick burning from fucking the KFC?" and the tweet was deleted.

But two hours in internet world is a LIFETIME in finger licking good tweets.

all i’m saying is that it works with a lot of @KFCAustralia ads

Some had a guess as to what the Colonel had in store for us.

At KFC you can now get a handjob using searing grease as lube.

Mashed potato and... man gravy?

it is not potato in the kfc potato and gravy it is . .. cum... from the handjobs


The whole thing is honestly quite the clucksterfuck.

Apparently step 4 is get/give a handie

Some legends are offering new campaign directions.

Pitching this to KFC for their next campaign.

Though some are suspicious as to the ad's origins.

KFC stole the idea from this McDonalds ad where a woman is giving her boyfriend a big mac

And if you were wondering, or suffering from a hot and spicy groin, WebMD suggest you may be suffering from the following:

Remember kids, regular sexual health checkups aren't a joke. And stop putting your dicks in your Zinger burgers.

UPDATE: KFC Australia issued the following comment to BuzzFeed regarding the tweet:

"This was a genuine tweet to launch KFC's new Hot & Spicy chicken products next week. It was not intended to offend and we've removed the image".