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    Jared Leto Isn’t Happy With “Suicide Squad” But He Hasn’t Actually Seen It

    The Joker ain't laughing.

    It appears critics aren't the only ones who are a little unimpressed with the recent release of Suicide Squad, with Jared Leto taking aim at how little he actually appeared in the film.

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    Leto was upset many of his scenes had been cut from the finished project. Speaking to BBC Radio, he described the process as some of his favourite work.

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    "We really had a magical time. I think the scenes we did on the day, and I understand there’s quite a bit that’s been cut out, but the scenes that we did on the day were some of my favourite work that I’ve ever done with anyone in a film.

    There’s probably enough footage in this film for a Joker movie. If I were to die tomorrow maybe the studio would roll something out. A rated-R or rated-X performance in there somewhere.”

    "That’s the good news about the death of an actor is all that stuff seems to come out,” he told IGN.

    Speaking to NME, Leto also said it might not be such a bad thing that a lot of his scenes hit the cutting room floor. Being in the film so little meant poor reviews weren't really about him.

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    "I've heard that there's been a very mixed response... I'm in the film so little that that really has not very much to do with me."

    But for all his criticism of the film, Leto is pretty outspoken about never having seen the final product.

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    When asked by BBC Radio to describe the film, Leto responded, "It might be a weird question considering I haven't seen it".

    Similarly, to NME, he lamented the cuts to his part. "I haven't seen the movie yet so I don't know exactly what's been cut out or not, but I do understand it's a bit of an introduction to the Joker, it's a bit more of a supporting part than maybe it could have been if they had used everything."

    This isn't new for Leto. After winning the Oscar for his performance in Dallas Buyers Club, he told Ellen he had no immediate plans to see the film.


    "I think one day I will watch it, I'll be curious at some point. It was such an intense role, it's better for me just to leave it alone right now."

    Maybe he's being serious, or maybe he's just... joking around???

    Warner Bros.

    Get it? Because... he's the joker?? OK bye.

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