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24 Primary School Problems That Are Still Way Too Real For All Aussies


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1. THIS.

This goddamn torture #PrimarySchoolProblems

2. Those pencil smudges of shame.

Being the only kid in class without a pen licence #primaryschoolproblems

3. That rush of ice-cold terror when the whole class looked at you.

When you accidentally call your teacher 'mum' #PrimarySchoolProblems

4. That moment when your stomach dropped.

Those minutes of pure anxiety when you can't see anyone else walking to school in ~free clothes~. #primaryschoolproblems


5. This bullshit.

Getting picked last for sports teams EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. #PrimarySchoolProblems

6. These weapons of mouth destruction.

These were like razorblades #PrimarySchoolProblems

So delicious. So dangerous.

7. The toughest decision of your day.

Deciding what to get from the tuckshop #primaryschoolproblems

8. Or when mum only gave you enough money for lunch.

Scabbing money for a cream bun from the tucky #PrimarySchoolProblems


9. This shit from your so-called friends!

Being told "that's a shade not a colour" when saying black or white were your fav colours #PrimarySchoolProblems

10. This heartbreak.

Getting a soggy sausage roll or pie in your lunch order #primaryschoolproblems

11. And this defiance of authority.

Living in constant fear of the teacher catching you passing notes... #primaryschoolproblems

12. This beautiful masterpiece.

Where to store all of these. #primaryschoolproblems


13. This risky business.

Fear of getting caught smuggling contraband (Pokemon cards) into the playground #PrimarySchoolProblems

When you're just trying to be the very best that no one ever was.

14. This crushing technology fail.

No link cable so you could trade Pokémon between Red and Blue versions on your Gameboy #primaryschoolproblems

15. This dictatorship.

Having to have Digimon battles against your mates in the bathroom because every fun fad was banned #PrimarySchoolProblems

Or starting the battle and seeing how far you can run from each other and still have the battle connect. Technology is so rad.

16. And facing the difficulties of parenthood.

When you kept getting the "poo" Digimon no matter how many times you reset #PrimarySchoolProblems


17. Or the never ending battle for greatness.

When you had the *second* best Tazo collection in the school and the other kid wouldn’t play you for keeps. #PrimarySchoolProblems

18. The moment you realised you weren't playing friendlies.

Losing your favourite Tazo in a battle. #PrimarySchoolProblems

19. Or this bullshit.

When the rules for footy at lunch were different if someone else brought a footy because it was "my football,my rules"#primaryschoolproblems

20. This absolute travesty.

Sports day... And it's raining #PrimarySchoolProblems


21. This constant mystery.

And seriously .... Never EVER finding out "Where in the world IS Carmen San Diego" ??? #PrimarySchoolProblems

22. This literal thirst trap.

Erratic bubblers: getting drenched from the high powered ones and the dry horrors when they were only a dribble. #PrimarySchoolProblems

23. This genius decision making process.

Making all life decisions by throwing a Y/N/maybe eraser #primaryschoolproblems

24. And this, the hardest part of saying goodbye.

Deciding between Greenday's Time of Your Life & Vitamin C's Graduation for your yr 6 farewell #PrimarySchoolProblems