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People Can't Stop Licking Their Disgusting Nintendo Switch Cartridges

They taste terrible, try it!!!

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If you've ever asked yourself, "What does a Nintendo Switch game cartridge taste like?" you'll sleep well tonight! The answer apparently is fucking gross!!!

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The Switch, which came out today, has tiny little cartridges and some gaming journalists were concerned that it would be easy for small children to pop them in their mouths.

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To combat this, Nintendo coated the cartridges in a bittering agent, and boy does it taste bad.

I put that Switch cart in my mouth and I'm not sure what those things are made of but I can still taste it. Do not try this at home.

Apparently Nintendo made the Switch cartridges taste bad so kids won’t eat them (need to confirm) but I just licked one and IT’S SO GROSS

Nintendo has confirmed with several sites that cartridges have denatoium benzoate applied to them, hence the super bitter taste.

Okay, so, turns out Nintendo Switch cartridges taste awful so kids won't eat them. I, uh, just licked one and can confirm: TASTES BAD MAN.

I demand that video games be taken seriously as an art form also the Switch cartridges taste awful do not recommend

Denatonium is considered to be the most bitter compound known to exist, putting my drunk tweets as a close second.

why are people on my twitter newsfeed trying to eat nintendo switch cartridges to see if they taste bad stop it

nintendo: we made this taste bad so children won't try to eat it a bunch of adults: oh what really *try to eat it* AUGH IT TASTES BAD

YOU (FOOLISH): The Nintendo Switch cartridges taste terrible. ME (ENLIGHTENED): Mayhap you should cook them, to release the true flavour

And don't worry, according to Nintendo, it's non-toxic... so lick away?

There is now a *genre* of tweet about people trying to taste the Nintendo Switch cartridges