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This Time Capsule Reveals What Life Was Like For Australians In 1988

"You, the viewers, are forgiven for thinking that we are backward and primitive."

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In 1988, the children of St. Kevin's School Eastwood created a time capsule to be released in 2088.

Somehow, the video has been uploaded to YouTube early, but is chockas full of bloody iconic moments.


The video features a greeting from the then-Prime Minister, Bob Hawke, as well as a cameo from Margaret Thatcher.

There are also appearances from state premiers, a teacher from the school, and a Q&A session with a doctor.

International phone calls on new, conveniently portable phones.

Predicting the downfall of Earth's environment isn't the only serious topic the kids touch on.

In a segment filmed at Parliament House, the kids discuss the state of Australian politics. Earlier there's talk of Australia's Indigenous people and their history as well as a brief discussion around conservation and environmentalism.

Then there's this girl describing what's on 1988's supreme pizza.

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