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“My Kitchen Rules” Just Broke Hearts With Anna And Jordan’s Shock Elimination

"You cooked from the heart tonight."

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...and struggling through messy mains, it seemed like the pair's fate was sealed.

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Unfortunately a solid dessert round wasn't enough to save them against their competition's stunning service.


And everyone was pretty bummed about their departure for many different reasons.

The concept that this could be the last night I get to look at Jordan makes me sad #MKR

Seriously though there were FEELINGS.

#MKR Jordan and anna i cried, u guys are the best all the best!

What a heartbreaking episode of MKR tonight! Anna and Jordan, what beautiful souls #MKR

Just print this tweet out as a doctor's certificate for taking the day off.

Is "too upset over Anna & Jordan's elimination from MKR" and acceptable reason to call in sick from work today? #MKRFinals @mykitchenrules

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